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Value Added Products

Beef Patties - Meat Mekanik
Beef Patties - Meat Mekanik

Beef Patties


Black Angus Beef Patties - Meat Mekanik

Black Angus Beef Patties


Wagyu Beef Patties - Meat Mekanik

Wagyu Beef Patties


Scallop 1/2 Shell with Roe - Meat Mekanik

Scallop 1/2 Shell with Roe


Shoestring Fries - Meat Mekanik

Shoestring Fries


Tater Tots Hashbrown - Meat Mekanik

Tater Tots Hashbrown


Natural Plain Wedges - Meat Mekanik

Natural Plain Wedges


Salmon Fillet Scale/Off - Meat Mekanik

Salmon Fillet Scale/Off


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks


Sweet Onion Rings - Meat Mekanik

Sweet Onion Rings


Crinkle Cut Fries - Meat Mekanik

Crinkle Cut Fries


Straight Cut Fries - Meat Mekanik

Straight Cut Fries


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