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Who We Are

Freshest and cheapest seemed to be synonymous with any fresh food supplies. With little or almost non-existent farming land to sustain the local population, Singapore imports almost 90% of their food supplies. Being a major shipping hub in the region coupled with our locals hunger for trying something new, we are blessed with having supplies as far as South America.

Who Are The Meat Mekaniks

First and foremost, we are very much consumers first and live by the mantra that we won't sell something that we do not consume or have tried on our own.

Living on an era where many of us are exposed to various food channels, home cooking is increasingly, especially among men, though women still cook much more than men. We have gone from creating simple meals to going all out to experiment making our very own sausages and patties as part of our hobby.

However, some experiments do come at a painful cost; we have experienced ruining a perfectly fantastic-marbled ribeye to well - it's just too painful to describe over here.

At Meat Mekanik, we strive to achieve in providing a wide range of meats coupled with accessible information on how best to enjoy it at a reasonable price by way of the style you're cooking, the marinades and rubs that brings out making flanks as flavorful as your best ribeye cut.

On top of that, we hope to create a community whereby information can be easily sought after in various information found in our site.

Who Are Our Suppliers

Our supplies are from various sources around the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and wherever our procurement team manages to source what would make a great meal for you and not forgetting our very own dinner table.

Are Our Products Halal?

Short answer is Yes. The long answer will be, we are a Muslim-owned family outfit and the very reason why we misspelled Mechanic and Mekanik is just to have some inkling on the people behind it. And no, we aren't Spanish.


How Different Are We From Our Competitors

Butchery has been practiced as far back as 1272 and with the influx of several online butchery; we are no different.

The difference - we are consumers first, we love to experiment in the way we cook our meats and most importantly, we hope to impart our experience from what our customers are buying to the different ways to marinade and on to the style of cooking; depending on the part of meat you're getting.

But hey, we are just Mekaniks, not Magicians and we are continuously learning.

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