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Cooking Technique = Beef Cuts

Cooking Technique = Beef Cuts

Back in the 90's, there was almost a non-existence of halal butchery. Yes, there was always Geylang Serai market to get our regular staple of beef for rendang, beef for stir-frying etc. But when it comes to other parts like basic cuts like sirloin and ribeye, most of us grew up knowing only - 'makan steak daging' (eating beef steaks). We aren't aware of what cuts of beef we are eating and only compare our experience back then with, this place serve tender beef steak, that place steak is tough etc..... :)

Fast-forward to the millennium, Alhamdulilah many little cafes begin sprouting around and we can easily now find different cuts of meats that are available and over time, we see halal butchery that serve to satisfy our palate.

However, the one area that we feel is that many of us (yes including us) are how to appreciate the cuts of meat by the style of cooking which amplify the flavour and the best part is, making even the cheapest or toughest cut taste like a $90 cut of meat.

As such, we have shortlisted the following for ease of reference and making us better cooks for our loved ones at home.


Though braising is normally done in an oven, it can be done over the stove or even on an electric slow cooker. If you're using a pot over the stove, do ensure that t

                  • Prime Rib
                  • Sirloin Roast
                  • Ribeye Roast
                  • Whole Tenderloin Roast
                  • Chuck Roll
                  • Eye Round

                      FINAL NOTE

                      If you have been reading our articles, we still insist that there is no right and wrong way of cooking or even the style that we individually are accustomed with. It's about trial and error and ultimately, find the style and cuts that suits our palate; isn't that why we are cooking on our own?

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