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Mekanik Rewards Program

Mekanik Rewards Program

It's another busy November and with the holidays period coming up, we thought that it would be the best time to launch our very own Mekanik Rewards Program. It's generally similar to any rewards program that is available in a traditional store though at Mekanik, you earn not just by buying; but practically any action that you take as a Member will count towards our custom points system. More will be added to the list as we seek to improve continously.

Here's a quick run-down of our program points system;

1) Creation of Account (100 points)

2) Refer A Fried (200 points)

3) Share on Facebook (25 points)

4) Follow us on Instagram (25 points)

5) Leave a Review (10 points)

6) Make a Purchase (10 points for every $1)

The program will be updated as we go along though to kick things off, we shall start with the simplest - a direct discount of your purchase which is as follows;

The Rewards

1) $6 off for 1200 points (this is a definite steal)

2) 12% off for 5000 points (not too hard as well :))

For those who have made purchases before the launch of the program, Mekanik will do retrospect additions of the points to their respective accounts. As for those who have signed up previously, we shall add the retrospective points upon your first purchase. 

Give the Mekanik time to do the above-mentioned but do give us a nudge if we are taking too long. You will receive an email notification once we have updated your accounts.

Finally, we hope this is a small token to kick things off to tell you how much we have appreciated your support for the new kid in the block. 

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